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Our New Logo!

| September 23, 2019
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New Look.

New Location (soon).

Better Red-Carpet Service!


Companies are like living organisms, always evolving and changing. Changes in personnel, location, additional branches, processes, names, and logos are a few ways companies change over time. Here at 360 Financial, we've added great people to our team, we're moving to Wayzata, and now we've changed our logo. Though there wasn't anything wrong with the old one, a new location inspired us to make the upgrade to our logo. Our team interviewed our owner and president, Mike Rogers, about the logo change, his answers are below.

 What does this logo mean to you, Mike?

It's exciting! The new logo demonstrates our move to our unique and inviting new space. It symbolizes our modern commitment to the combination of technology to improve our planning process with the human touch and building relationships that we have with our 500+ really good clients. The new shade of blue symbolizes our ability to remain calm under pressure, to deliver honest advice, and to truly demonstrate empathy to each clients' specific situation.

 What does it mean to the firm?

To the firm, it means that every team member will continue to focus on driving better client relationships and outcomes by focusing on the combination of technology and relationships. The clean modern look exemplifies this commitment. The circle icon of the logo not only represents our name, but also symbolizes our partnership with our clients and serves as a reminder that the entire firm is here to serve the client in an encompassing full-service manner.

 What does it mean for clients?

The new modern look demonstrates to our clients our commitment to the next 25 years. It is a visual reminder that we are constantly improving and implementing technology driven processes to enhance client outcomes. The new shade of blue also represents trust and dependability. The slight turn of the icon mimics a compass facing towards the North-Northwest direction, which is our home in Minnesota. It also reflects the investment position of the northwest quadrant; the ideal northwest quadrant is the area that potentially delivers the best risk adjusted returns. Of course, there is to guarantee this quadrant will be achievable, but every day it serves as a reminder that we always need to focus on this relationship and make decisions with our clients' best interest on the forefront of our minds.

 Why keep the tagline "Big Picture Planning"?

The tagline has and always will be the foundation of our entire process. Our clients desire a comprehensive advisor who is able to advise on the big picture and deploy a strategy to meet their individual goals and visions. Our clients deserve a holistic view that encompasses all the pieces of their plan, not just limiting to one or two.

 All of us at 360 Financial are excited about the new logo and the new space and we hope you are as well! We will let you know when we officially move into our new space in Wayzata, we're too excited to keep it to ourselves. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for updates and photos on construction.

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