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Team 360 Makes Truffles!

| April 16, 2019
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No, we're not leaving the financial business. But we had a lot of fun creating chocolate truffles!

Thanks to Kathy and her team at L'More Chocolat in Wayzata, we were able to experience how her delicious truffles are made!

Team 360 paired up with another team member, picked out a ganache filling flavor, chose two molds, and began the process! The ganache flavors that were chosen from our team were: Elder flower, Amaretto, Elderberry, Prosecco, and Courvoisier Creme Napoleon. Kathy offers a huge variety of ganache flavors so deciding which one to use for our chocolate was no easy task. We created truffles shaped as hearts, golf balls, stamped crowns, and Easter variety shapes.

The most difficult part was to NOT eat the chocolate that was flowing out of the chocolate faucets in the kitchen.

(The team is trying to convince Mike to get a chocolate faucet for the office). 

L'More Chocolat is not affiliated with LPL Financial.
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