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Team 360 Outing

| September 07, 2017
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Here at 360 Financial we take pride in making our clients at top priority and next on the list is our team! Team 360 are the friendly faces you see when you come in for an annual review and the warm voices that answer the phone when you have questions. A couple of times throughout the year, we like to reward our team with an afternoon of team building and fun!

On September 7th, we had lunch together at New Bohemia- great bratwurst! The Elk and Minnesota Wild Rice brat wursts were among the team favorites, along with the famous giant pretzel and cheese dip.

Team 360 finished the afternoon with an escape room adventure provided by Escape MSP. An escape room is a great team activity where you are locked in a themed room and have to find clues, keys, codes, and put together puzzles to get out of the room. Oh, and you only have 60 minutes to do so! Unfortunately, we failed our mission a minute short and did not escape from the office of evil villain, Mr. Dupree, in time, but we still had a lot of fun finding clues as a team!

Thank you Team 360 for all you do for our clients!

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