Let’s make some waves and get moving again! The wind will change, and it will be a great time to have your LifeWealth™ plan in place. Let’s get your paddles moving and set course to your destination.

Both oars in the water

We aim to take all the pieces of your financial puzzle and put them in place. Your financial plan is centered entirely around what matters to YOU. The people you love most, the places you dream of visiting, the goals you have dedicated your life to achieve, and the milestones worth celebrating. All the things you hold dear are integrated into your customized, hyper-personalized wealth management strategy. We call this “The LifeWealth Process.” It’s a unique combination of disciplined and comprehensive long-term planning centered around family, occupation, recreation, and – of course -money.

360 Financial is a locally owned, boutique wealth management firm that has been enriching the lives of our clients for over 26 years.

What do you need help with right now?

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Based on historical data and three decades in business, we know that bear markets tend to recover, and when they do, they generally provide the most returns based on time in the market. Even in the worst-case scenario, we factor in market volatility when designing your long-term wealth management plan and investment strategy. We know we can’t predict the future, but we can safely predict that circumstances can and will change; life can and will throw the unexpected at you, and you may find that some of the goals you set for yourself no longer serve your purpose. During those times, 360 Financial is there to advise you, help you see the bigger picture, and implement any needed changes to your plan.


We consider our clients to be family. And we’re not just saying that – with a 98% retention rate over the last three decades, we do create life-long relationships that have carried on for multiple generations. We get to know every client on a deeper level, understand your goals, and create a plan that will help enrich your life.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or high-level professional nearing retirement or seriously starting to plan for this significant milestone.
  • You are unsatisfied or not entirely comfortable with your current advisor relationship and are looking to make a change.
  • You have never worked with an advisor before. Still, you’ve reached a level of wealth where it is becoming critical to work with a financial professional to help create, implement, and manage a comprehensive plan.
  • You are looking for an investment strategy to grow your wealth, not just another cookie-cutter portfolio. You want a plan tailored to your specific goals and needs, which is continuously being optimized and reviewed for the best possible performance by an Investment Committee with over 200+ years of collective experience.
  • You are a high-income individual/household and want to save money on taxes. (Who doesn’t?)
  • You want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and protected should anything happen to you, but you don’t have an estate or legacy plan.