Comprehensive Financial Planning

At 360 Financial, our goal is to take all the pieces of your financial puzzle and put them in place. To do so, we utilize a proprietary process that integrates wealth management with risk and debt management, income and tax planning, and philanthropy for successful families, professionals, and business owners. We call this Big Picture Planning™. Big Picture Planning™ is designed to continually adjust and monitor your critical life and financial events to keep you on track.

We have reinvented the wealth management process. Our Big Picture Planning™ process focuses on what’s important to you. We call it, planning with purpose. Every client is unique, but in our experience, we've seen commonalities specifically in what matters to people. For most, what matters most is their family, occupation, recreation, and money. We believe your family, occupation, and recreation drive the “why” of financial planning. And money……well money is the “how.” Money is the fuel in the engine propelling you to where you want and need to go.

Our Philosophy is that a true comprehensive financial plan should be converged and integrated around your family’s security, cash flow planning, retirement planning, investment management, tax strategies, caring for others, and your legacy. All pieces of the puzzle. Our belief and our philosophy are if it’s not fully integrated, it’s flawed. These all need to be working in unison to get you to YOUR goals, whatever you chose them to be.

Our Process is strictly followed to ensure we are proactive in helping our clients navigate critical financial events that will arise as their life unfolds and their needs evolve. This coupled with many years of experience in the financial industry gives us confidence.

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement planning is more than simply putting money away year after year. It has many moving components that require careful attention and future planning.

  • Estate Tax Planning

    Estate tax planning helps preserve your assets for your heirs and the causes that are important to you. When you understand how estate taxes are calculated and what will likely be owed on your estate, you can prepare yourself for these costs and not be surprised later.

  • Risk Management

    One of the most important parts of your comprehensive financial plan is deciding how you will protect your assets in the future. When you are working this hard to build your wealth, you want to plan your financial steps so you won’t lose this money in unforeseen circumstances.

  • Investment Management

    Your money is the fuel that allows you to obtain and/or maintain financial independence, make sure your family is getting taken care of, and your bucket list gets checked off.

  • Education Funding

    Helping your children and/or grandchildren pay for the rising costs of getting a college degree.

  • Tax Planning Strategies

    Our Big Picture Planning process involves looking at every piece of your financial puzzle and how can we make your plan tax efficient.”