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Website Style Guide

Fonts and Colors on the Website

The font choices on the website do not dictate what you can use for print as they are optimized for the web.

Notes on Font:

Almost all text on the site is Wix Made for Display

For print, you can continue to use Montserrat as it is similar to the Wix font and remains the font in your logo.

The H1 Header is Fraunces 120 Semi Bold.

You can also use any size and weight of Fraunces but semi-bold seems to be best on the site.

H1 header text is:

Fraunces 120 Semi Bold

All other text is "Wix Made for Display"

Notes on Colors:

  • Light Blue Used for Backgrounds:  #f2f7fa

  • Light Yellow Used for Backgrounds at 10-15% opacity:  #fff3c1

  • Medium Yellow Used for Occasional Buttons: #e3b900

  • Bright Yellow Used for CTA Buttons: #001e3a

  • Medium Blue Used for Headers and Backgrounds: #5c94b7

  • Bright Turquoise Used Occasionally as an Accent: #05abc4

  • Dark Turquoise Used for Footer and Accents: #037283

  • Dark Blue Used for Optins and H1 Text: #003b73

  • Muted Blue Used Occasionally for Headers: #3d637a

Color Palette:

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