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Financial Advisor Succession: Never Worry About Selling Your Book Again

Have a succession plan that works for you and your clients.

Why settle for a private equity sale that doesn’t support your vision or protect your clients?

We can help you leverage your assets and monetize your business with a single transition that delivers a win for your clients, employees, and your family.

Client-First Experience

Our turnkey client-centric service model puts clients first in all facets of your business. The LifeWealth planning process revolves around your client and what matters to them the most.

F.O.R.M Goals

We look at four areas of a client’s life to craft plans individualized to their unique goals; Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money (F.O.R.M). We enrich lives by leading and navigating clients through impactful financial events.

Team Support

Gain greater flexibility and client support by partnering with C.F.P. registered next-generation advisors. With more personalization and customization opportunities, your clients will enjoy a better experience and you’ll see incremental income.

One and done: solving for succession once and for all.

A seamless transition with 360 Financial ensures confidence for your clients and employees. We’ve been around since 1995, and we’ll be here in the future.


You’ll never have to transfer your book again.

24/7/365 Customer Service

Enjoy a rock solid support system with 24/7/365 customer service. Collaborate with our C.F.P.s, C.P.A.s, and Risk Management experts to strategize plans that serve your clients even better. Best of all, you can finally take a vacation without your laptop!

Dedicated Operational Excellence

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (E.O.S.) defines our operational processes and enhances client service through technology and internal efficiencies. Our business departments maintain best practices and drive company growth.

Evergreen: Protected Future

As an evergreen company, we don’t depend on one advisor or support member. Your clients will never have to go through another merger or transfer. Our team of fiduciaries will always be here, supporting their best interests today and beyond.

Business Support

Our business departments maintain best practices and drive company growth, so you get top-tier service without needing to manage it yourself.

“I knew I could sit with my clients and say with confidence this merger is going to benefit my clients now and in the future.”

– Brian Bohnsack, AIF®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Managing Principal of the Elk River Office

- Ron Eckstam, Former Advisor, Wayzata, MN

“With its systems coordination and entrepreneurial, operational culture, 360 Financial is five years ahead of the other firms.

Support & Systems

LPL Chairman's Council Award  - Based on Annual Production


Accounting, Payroll, HR, Benefits

IT Department

Compliance -

Managing Tech Stack, Security, and Phone System

Marketing and Sales

Business Development

Culture: Employees and Family

360 Financial lives and breathes by six core values to serve you and your clients best. As a growing firm, we offer career development opportunities and other benefits for all team members.

In 2022 and 2023, we were recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces. We welcome your team to Team360 and look forward to a rewarding, healthy, fun, and mutually beneficial relationship

360’s Six Core Values:

Confidence,  Positivity,  Problem Solving,  Community Impact,  Integrity,  Going Above & Beyond

Happy Clients

“We want your clients to be happy about your retirement because they know you took care of them.

- Mike Rogers, AIF®, President and Founder

Future Proofing

“We are on the same page with clients, employees and the community. The beauty of the firm’s culture is knowing that my staff will be able grow and be part of an organization for many years.”

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