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Preparing for Work Optional

Case Studies 

In these case studies, we share real-world examples of how we've helped our clients move toward their financial goals.

At 360 Financial, we're here to guide you through your most important financial milestones. This includes helping you with tax planning, investment management, estate planning, and financial planning.

From Tax Savings to Early Retirement

How She Saved $29,000 on Her Tax Return with a Solo 401k Strategy

I do a tax return review for many clients each year. During one of these tax return reviews, I saw that a client's income had jumped way up and she’d have to pay 32% in federal taxes and 9.85% in state taxes. So here's what we did...

Early Retirement vs. Buying a $750k Property

My client is a successful attorney, and he loves what he does, but being financially independent is one of his goals. This year, I got to share with him that he's officially work optional! Naturally, he was glad to hear it. "But what if we buy a second property for $750,000?" he asked.

Is a Roth Conversion Your Ticket to Saving $100k?

A Roth conversion could save some taxpayers more than $100k in a lifetime.  Here’s a secret about minimizing tax: good tax planning should focus on saving you as much in taxes as possible in your lifetime. Here's some food for thought...

How to Make Sure You Don’t Accidentally Disown Your Grandchildren

Everyone should have an estate plan in place. If you don't, we need to talk. But maybe you already have an estate plan in place, and you’re not worried. Great! But here’s a question for you:

Do you know what will happen when you die?  In this case study, I'll show you a common estate planning mistake I helped my clients 

How the Secure Act Tax Law Change of 2020 May Hurt Your Kids

Did you know that retirement account inheritance rules have changed? It used to be that you could keep an Inherited IRA for life. But, after the Secure Act in 2020, in most cases, an inherited IRA must be depleted within ten years. This is a BIG deal.

Schedule a 15-minute call with a 360 Financial advisor to find out if we're the right fit, how we can help you, and how the process works. 

Speak with a Wealth Advisor about Your Retirement Goals

Get the best financial guidance for your exact situation and goals. No more cookie-cutter solutions or high-cost products.

Financial Planning

Your personal financial plan is crucial to building a successful future.

Wealth Management

Holistic Wealth Management starts with your LifeWealth Plan.

Estate Planning

We guide you through this process in conjunction with your attorneys.

Business Wealth Management

We specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs diversify and plan for succession.

Business Financial Advisors

We ensure your money is working hard and invested in line with your business and personal goals.

Accounting & CPA Services

Keep everything under one roof when you work with our CPA partner, Rapacki.

Financial Advisory Services

360's Big Picture Planning

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