See where you are. Set your goals.
Pursue confidently.

Our LifeWealth process leads the way.


Complexity, confusion, cookie-cutter planning.

Combined, the 3 Cs are the enemy of your nest egg and the spoiler of your dreams. We developed our unique LifeWealth review process as a way to simplify, clarify and customize your investment approach. We walk you through its easy-to-understand format and answer all your questions.

LifeWealth allows us to take all the pieces (financial resources, risk sensitivity and short- and long-term goals) and confidently set them into carefully planned motion, course correcting when necessary.

Goals come in all sizes



1. Fit-ness Check

Just like with any healthy relationship, the one between us and our client is based on trust, communication and chemistry. This first meeting (in person or virtually) is for us to listen and learn about your unique story and personal goals. This meeting is where you can share any pertinent information or issues with us, including any current or on-going frustrations in your financial life.

We want to know:

  • What matters to you?
  • What do you want to accomplish now?
  • What do you want your future to look like?

You will get to know us, 360 Financial, our philosophies, services and what sets us apart from other wealth planning and management firms. Then, we mutually decide if there’s a comfortable fit. If so, you can then choose to meet for Step 2.

2. Get Organized

This is the “get it all together” meeting, where we roll up our sleeves and make a detailed review of your individual situation and resources you wish to apply towards your goals.

Here is where we begin to understand how to achieve what matters to you (from Step 1). Based on the information this meeting distills, your 360 Team can get to work on creating informed recommendations and create your comprehensive LifeWealth Plan.

3. Set in Motion

By following your tailored LifeWealth Plan, we’ll help you implement a carefully considered and disciplined approach to its execution. Here you will start working with your LifeWealth Organizer so that all of your important documents are in one place. It can’t get much easier than that.

Many people — and their financial advisors — are tempted to make ad hoc decisions that are on-the-fly, based on reactive emotions like panic, overconfidence or insecurity. Your LifeWealth Plan is a plan with guardrails, identifying in advance constraints and opportunities so that every move is calm and clear-eyed. This allows your plan to always stay true to your short-term needs without losing sight of your long-term goals.

4. Review and Realign

Our clients are like family to us, so by Step 4, everyone knows your name (cue Cheers theme song)! From here on out you can expect relevant updates about the market and your finances, fun client-exclusive events, and annual Vision 360 meetings to address your changing needs. We’re committed to reanalyzing, modifying and updating your LifeWealth Plan, making sure it stays in sync with your short- and long-term goals.

Deploying your portfolio means:

  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Risk assessment and fit
  • Ongoing continuous service
  • Building a lasting relationship on earned trust


Even with over 200 years of combined experienced, our advisors still meet bi-weekly as an investment and planning specialty committee. Regularly evaluating our portfolios ensures that 360 Financial is always at the forefront of economic conditions so that our clients can have the most successful portfolios at any given time.


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