Wealth Management for Small Business Owners

Wealth Management for Small Business Owners

Wealth management is critical for small business owners because your time and energy is valuable. We serve as your dedicated and experienced all-in-one team that specializes across wealth management, tax planning, estate planning and risk management. Our LifeWealth process revolves around what matters to you the most and building a customized plan for your family.

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How 360 Financial Helps Business Owners

We serve business owners by allowing them to focus on what is most important to them – their business and family.

You devote your time and energy on managing a successful business, culture where employees can thrive and serve as the backbone of the American economy. With all these responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook your personal financial well-being. 

As a business owner you have obligations and assets that need to be managed carefully. Whether you’re planning on exiting the business soon or are in the wealth-building stage, we help you pursue your financial goals and prepare for the future. Creating and protecting generational wealth is the result of careful wealth management, so selecting the right team is critical.

If taking care of your financial future is a priority, please get in touch.

When it comes to your wealth management and financial planning for business owners, you deserve the best advice and guidance.

Fee-Only Financial Planning for Business Owners

Should your financial advisor and financial planner be fiduciaries?

As an independent firm with a team of eight qualified financial advisors our goal is to provide outstanding service and personalized big picture planning. We are fee-only fiduciary financial advisors who put your needs and goals first. We don’t have hidden fees or sell packaged products that aren’t in your best interest.

What Is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

As a fee-only firm, we don’t sell you products in order to earn a commission.

There are no hidden fees. When working with a fee-only financial advisor you will pay a percentage of assets under management. This covers all the services provided by your advisory firm. At 360, you receive comprehensive wealth management services, and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary financial advisor has a legal obligation to act in your best interests at all times.

Not all financial planners or advisors are fiduciaries. Thus, when looking for a wealth management team, it’s important to check the designations your advisor has. 

The main benefit of working with a fiduciary is that you can have confidence knowing your advisor is always acting in your best interest. They aren’t sales people working for a commission. They are there to guide you towards achieving your financial goals and help you weather the ups and downs of the markets.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Schedule a call with a 360 Financial advisor.

  2. Have a 15-minute fit call to ask questions.

  3. Meet for a more in-depth follow-up call with your advisor.

  4. Get started with your new financial advisor.

  5. We create a financial plan for you and begin optimizing your investments.


Get to Know the Team

Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors for Your Small Business

Build and Preserve Your Wealth

All of 360 financial’s advisors with Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designations can build a complete financial plan for you.

Your financial plan will include income planning, tax strategies, investment management, legacy planning, and risk management. If you’re a business owner, your financial plan will take this into consideration.

Mike Rogers, Founder, AIF® 

360 Financial was founded by Mike Rogers, an accredited investment fiduciary with over 27 years of experience in the financial services industry.

When he started the firm, Mike’s purpose was to create an advisory firm that would provide the absolute highest levels of service to hard-working professionals and business owners. Today, this mission continues. 360 Financial helps its clients leave a positive legacy and align their finances with their big picture plan.


Mike Rogers

360 Financial’s Services for Business Owners

Personal Financial Planning

Your personal financial plan is crucial to building a successful future and your business tends to play a large role in that picture. By taking a proactive approach we can help maximize retirement savings, build an investment strategy customized for your goals, minimize tax liabilities and establishing a LifeWealth Plan for life during and after your business.

Retirement Planning

We play a pivotal role helping business owners and self-employed people develop a plan to save for a work-optional life and have a successful retirement. This includes our team overseeing everything from evaluating your current financial situation and maximizing tax-efficient retirement savings to helping navigate important decisions around Social Security, Medicare, etc. 

Exit Planning

Our team can be instrumental in helping business owners navigate the complexities of a successful exit. We have a network of professionals that can help minimize tax implications and create a plan for a smooth transition. Whether through merger or acquisition, initial public offering (IPO), employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or intra-family succession, we will help throughout the process.

Succession Planning

A succession plan requires readiness by not only the business owner but the successors to facilitate a smooth transfer. We can help recommend tax-efficient strategies for succession, assess risk management and estate planning implications. Our team can build customized strategies, whether it involves selling the business, passing it on to family members or employees, or other options, based on the owner’s goals and circumstances.

Investment Management

Investment Management

It’s common that a portion of a business owner’s wealth is tied to their business. We can help manage this balance to build an investment strategy to diversify your portfolio and sustain wealth during and after the succession process. Our Investment Committee has over 200+ years of combined experience and proactively manages the portfolio management on behalf of clients.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We work in conjunction with estate planning attorneys to ensure that wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents align with your financial aspirations and are focused on what you care about most. Estate planning is typically one of the areas our clients are most concerned about as they want to leave a positive legacy and protect their families.

Insurance Planning

We have in-house insurance professionals who can provide invaluable assistance with respect to risk management. Our team will conduct a comprehensive insurance coverage review and identify potential vulnerabilities. We can help implement a tailored insurance strategy that addresses risks and aligns with your evolving needs.

Charitable Giving

We serve business owner’s charitable giving aspirations by creating and implementing tax-efficient gifting that aligns with their personal values. With our expertise, we can utilize charitable vehicles such as donor-advised funds or foundations, or identify highly appreciated securities to help support causes you care about incorporated in your LifeWealth Plan.

employment retirement plans

Employee Retirement Plans

Our experienced team can help you determine what retirement plans make sense given the financial goals of you and your employees. We guide business owners through the plan selection, implementation, employee education and investment monitoring.

Tax Planning for Small Businesses

Work with a CPA you can be confident in.

Our strategic partnership with Rapacki + Co, a respected CPA firm based in Edina, MN offers a professional team for business owners. We have experience to help you create or improve a successful enterprise from entity selection, bookkeeping, support in preparation of financial statements to comprehensive tax services throughout your business.

CPA for Small Business

Tax/accounting/CPA related services offered through Rapacki & Co. DBA 360 Financial Tax Strategies. Rapacki & Co. is a separate legal entity and not affiliated with LPL Financial. LPL Financial does not offer tax advice or Tax/accounting/CPA related services.

What Do You Want to Leave Future Generations?

Your financial plan is a step-by-step guide to help you pursue your goals.

Our process revolves around asking important questions to gain an understanding of your financial and legacy goals. We then can develop a comprehensive plan to prepare and transfer generational wealth to your heirs. Whether it’s supporting your family, leaving a charitable legacy or other aspirations, our LifeWealth process is designed to help you achieve your desired legacy. 

A robust financial plan goes beyond just managing your money.

It ensures your financial decisions align with your life objectives, enabling you to confidently navigate life’s uncertainties and build a secure future. Financial planning is one of the essential elements you need when building wealth and pursuing financial independence.

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What Are Your Values and Goals?

When deciding which wealth management team to meet with, it’s important to make sure your advisory team’s values align with yours.

At 360 Financial, we believe in F.O.R.M which stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money to help us clearly understand what matters to you most. We welcome a conversation on how we can assist with your financial and business goals.

Your happiness is our priority.

Your investment advisor should be your partner in pursuing your goals.

We believe that your investment advisor and financial planner should be working right beside you with your best interest at heart at all times. We believe that your financial advisor should be caring, open, and honest. They should give you a comprehensive plan by looking at your entire financial picture.

Finally, your financial advisor should meet with you annually to review your financial plan and investments and make changes as necessary.

What should you expect from a financial advisor?

  • You should expect a comprehensive financial plan that is updated at least annually
  • You should expect a financial advisor to reach out to you quarterly.
  • Your financial planning office should know you and your family and address any of your needs.

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"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett

Designations to Look for in a Wealth Management Team


Certified financial planners (CFPs) are financial advisor trained in comprehensive financial planning, from retirement to estate planning. CFPs are fiduciaries and as such are bound by a strict code of ethics. They have comprehensive knowledge about a range of financial topics and offer personalized financial plans.

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AIF stands for Accredited Investment Fiduciary. Financial advisors with the AIF designation have a fiduciary responsibility and deep knowledge of investment processes. They understand optimal investment practices and are qualified to help individuals and businesses with complex investment management and wealth management needs.

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CPWA stands for Certified Private Wealth Advisor. A CPWA is professional trained in the needs of high-net-worth individuals. They understand complex financial situations and can handle sophisticated investment and wealth planning needs.

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The cost of not having a robust financial plan and wealth management team can be significant.

Without a clear plan, you may be missing out on opportunities to protect your wealth and prepare for the future. It only takes one wrong financial move to wipe out an entire lifetime of wealth building.

Many people think that you have to have $100M in assets to have a wealth management team that looks out for your entire financial big picture. But that’s not the case.

We believe that a comprehensive financial plan and wealth management strategy is critical for financial security and confidence in your plan.

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What is a normal fee for a financial planner or wealth advisor?

Many financial planners and wealth management teams charge a 1% fee, which may not include the investment fees. Some underlying investments—such as certain mutual funds—within your portfolio may have costs over and above what you pay for financial advice.

How do you charge? What is your cost structure?

We charge assets under management (AUM) fee. Essentially that means we charge a fee on the assets that we manage. It’s a percentage of your account value. We are always transparent with our service and investment fees. And we believe that you should always ask your financial advisor about the all-in cost.

What is the difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner?

The terms financial advisor and a financial planner are used interchangeably. We recommend that you work with a Certified Financial Planner that is a fiduciary.

Are you certified financial planners?

At 360 Financial we have many CFPs in our office.

Does your firm receive recognition for production?

Mike Rogers, our founder and president, is part of LPL’s Chairman council which is awarded to less than 1% of advisors and based on annual production among LPL Advisors. LPL Financial is the largest brokerage firm in the nation with over 20,000 advisors, ss reported by Financial Planning magazine, 1996-2022, based on total revenue. LPL is the #1 Independent Broker/Dealer in the US1 and the #3 RIA Custodian in the US2.

How much money do I need to have to work with you?

Most of 360 Financials’s clients have a portfolios of $1M or greater. Typically, we work with clients with $1M or more in investable assets or the ability to get there. If a client is younger, and building wealth, we know they will be able to grow their wealth to have $1M or more in assets at retirement.

What should I bring to my first meeting with you?

You don’t need to bring anything to the first meeting. The first meeting is a conversation about your overall financial picture and your goals, so you don’t need to bring any paperwork.

How do I schedule a call or meeting?

Click below to schedule a Zoom meeting or phone call. Or email or call Emily at our main office. She will send you a scheduling link to choose a date and time that work best with your schedule. 

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What are 360’s assets under management?

$550M + as of July 13, 2023.

How do I get started? 

To get started, we encourage you to schedule a call below to meet with one of our team members. You’ll be asked questions and get a better feel for what makes 360 different and why we’re about to provide such excellent service to our clients.

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If you would like to work with a wealth management and financial planning team that cares about your happiness and future, please schedule a call with one of 360 Financial’s advisors.

You can schedule a 15-minute introductory call to ask questions and find out how we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.



360 Financial Company Details

Time in Business: Founded in 1995
Assets under management: $550M+
Account minimum: 360 does not currently have an account minimum
Fee Structure: fee based
Team: Dedicated 25-person team of specialists

We help simplify your financial planning process and cushion the effects of impactful financial events.

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360 Life Wealth Process

360 Financial’s purpose is to enrich your life by leading you through impactful financial events such as changing jobs, moving, retiring, or a recession.

Our Life Wealth Plan helps you manage your goals by focusing on what you can control as you pursue your financial independence. We look at four areas of your life to build a plan for your unique goals: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money.


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