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Wealth Management for Small Business Owners

Wealth Management and Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Wealth management is critical for small business owners because your time and energy is valuable.

Wealth management is critical for small business owners because your time and energy is valuable.


We serve as your dedicated and experienced all-in-one team that specializes across wealth management, tax planning, estate planning and risk management.


Our LifeWealth process revolves around what matters to you the most and building a customized plan for your family.

How 360 Financial Helps Business Owners

We serve business owners by allowing them to focus on what is most important to them – their business and family.

You devote your time and energy on managing a successful business, culture where employees can thrive and serve as the backbone of the American economy.


With all these responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook your personal financial well-being. 

As a business owner you have obligations and assets that need to be managed carefully. Whether you’re planning on exiting the business soon or are in the wealth-building stage, we help you pursue your financial goals and prepare for the future.


Creating and protecting generational wealth is the result of careful wealth management, so selecting the right team is critical.

If taking care of your financial future is a priority, please get in touch.

When it comes to your wealth management and financial planning for business owners, you deserve the best advice and guidance.

The team at 360 Financial is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also incredibly responsive and accessible.

Whether it's planning for retirement, saving for our children's education, or building a robust investment portfolio, 360 Financial has been by our side every step of the way, offering guidance that is both strategic and forward-thinking. 


In an industry where trust is paramount, 360 Financial has consistently demonstrated integrity, transparency, and a genuine commitment to their clients' success. 


We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking not just a financial advisor, but a trusted partner on their journey towards financial prosperity.

Tom and Brenda Laska

Owners at Interior Care & Construction, Minnesota

My husband and I have been a client of 360 Financial for an impressive 20+ years.


Throughout this time, they have consistently exceeded our expectations in every aspect of financial planning and advisory services. 


From the moment we first engaged with their team, we were struck by their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our financial well-being. 


They took the time to thoroughly understand our goals, concerns, and aspirations, crafting a personalized financial strategy that aligned perfectly with our needs


What truly sets 360 Financial apart is their dedication to providing comprehensive and proactive guidance. 

Client Testimonial

This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 04/03/2024. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.

Fee-Based Financial Planning for Business Owners

As an independent firm with a team of eight qualified financial advisors our goal is to provide outstanding service and personalized big picture planning. We are fee based fiduciary financial advisors who put your needs and goals first.


We don’t have hidden fees or sell packaged products that aren’t in your best interest.

Should your financial advisor and financial planner be fiduciaries?

What Is Fee-Based Financial Planning?

We are a fee based firm. There are no hidden fees. When working with a fee based financial advisor you will pay a percentage of assets under management. This covers all the services provided by your advisory firm. At 360, you receive comprehensive wealth management services, and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary financial advisor has a legal obligation to act in your best interests at all times.

Not all financial planners or advisors are fiduciaries. Thus, when looking for a wealth management team, it’s important to check the designations your advisor has. 

The main benefit of working with a fiduciary is that you can have confidence knowing your advisor is always acting in your best interest.


They aren’t sales people working for a commission.


They are there to guide you towards achieving your financial goals and help you weather the ups and downs of the markets.

Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors for Your Small Business

Build and Preserve Your Wealth

All of 360 financial’s advisors with Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designations can build a complete financial plan for you.

Your financial plan will include income planning, tax strategies, investment management, legacy planning, and risk management.


If you’re a business owner, your financial plan will take this into consideration.

How Does It Work?

  1. Schedule a call with a 360 Financial advisor.

  2. Have a 15-minute fit call to ask questions.

  3. Meet for a more in-depth follow-up call with your advisor.

  4. Get started with your new financial advisor.

  5. We create a financial plan for you and begin optimizing your investments.

Mike Rogers, Founder, AIF® 

360 Financial was founded by Mike Rogers, an accredited investment fiduciary with many years of experience in the financial services industry.

When he started the firm, Mike’s purpose was to create an advisory firm that would provide the absolute highest levels of service to hard-working professionals and business owners. Today, this mission continues. 360 Financial helps its clients leave a positive legacy and align their finances with their big picture plan.

360 Financial’s Services for Business Owners

Personal Financial Planning

Your personal financial plan is crucial to building a successful future and your business tends to play a large role in that picture.


By taking a proactive approach we can help maximize retirement savings, build an investment strategy customized for your goals, minimize tax liabilities and establishing a LifeWealth Plan for life during and after your business.

Retirement Planning

We play a pivotal role helping business owners and self-employed people develop a plan to save for a work-optional life and have a successful retirement.


This includes our team overseeing everything from evaluating your current financial situation and maximizing tax-efficient retirement savings to helping navigate important decisions around Social Security, Medicare, etc. 

Exit Planning

Our team can be instrumental in helping business owners navigate the complexities of a successful exit.


We have a network of professionals that can help minimize tax implications and create a plan for a smooth transition.


Whether through merger or acquisition, initial public offering (IPO), employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or intra-family succession, we will help throughout the process.

Succession Planning

A succession plan requires readiness by not only the business owner but the successors to facilitate a smooth transfer.


We can help recommend tax-efficient strategies for succession, assess risk management and estate planning implications.


Our team can build customized strategies, whether it involves selling the business, passing it on to family members or employees, or other options, based on the owner’s goals and circumstances.

Investment Management

It’s common that a portion of a business owner’s wealth is tied to their business.


We can help manage this balance to build an investment strategy to diversify your portfolio and sustain wealth during and after the succession process.


Our Investment Committee has over 200+ years of combined experience and proactively manages the portfolio management on behalf of clients.

Estate Planning