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April 10, 2023

April 20th, 2023

Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right

PROBLEM: When it comes to planning a safe and secure retirement, long-term care (LTC) remains a confusing and unaddressed challenge to many people’s financial security.

SOLUTION: In order to feel safe and secure about your retirement plan, you need a custom approach—a “real plan”—for how you’ll pay for long-term care.

Brian Bohnsack and Mike Rogers will cover what long-term care really is, how relying on Medicare and Medicaid is not a plan, historic problems with long-term care insurance, and new approaches to planning for long-term care for people at all stages of financial planning and health.

Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right as they cover new approaches to planning for long-term care.

Or download the LTC Planning Options Summary to help you get started today.

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