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Your Succession Success Plan

Dreading the work involved in changing broker dealers? 

$100M Brokerage Firm Case Study

Elite Support Partners: Superior Transition Service

Dreading the work involved in changing broker dealers?


What if a superior transition team came in and did all the heavy lifting for you?


Our amazing team is specialized, organized and fast.


We expedite timing, open all the accounts and handle all repapering.

Case Study: $100M AUM Brokerage Firm Transfer to 360 Financial

The Sprint: 30-45 Day Expectations:

  • Your assistance is kept minimal, so you can stay focused on your clients

  • LPL Transitions Team opens all accounts

  • 360 Financial Transition Staff oversees signatures on all electronic and mailed documents

The Results:

  • 86% accounts opened with 90% account transfers complete within three weeks*

  • Compliments to the team with a <2% NIGO rate​

*Statistics based on Flemming Investment Group transfer to 360 Financial in 2022.

"We have had positive feedback from our clients regarding the transition experience."

- Michele Meier, CFP® Client Service Manager, Wayzata, MN

Superior Transition Team: Power in Numbers & Digital Repapering

The LPL Transition Team consists of four dedicated team members who helm the transition to ensure timeliness and accuracy in all account transfers.


360 Financial has three dedicated transition staff to oversee the LPL Transition Team and assist with any challenges.


Outside onboarding resources are available, if additional help is required.


Digital Repapering:


90% of paperwork is electronic signature (Docusign) and most broker-dealer accounts are ACAT, meaning they typically transfer in 3 days.

LPL Transition Team

360 Transition Team

Succession 360: A Specialized & Organized Process

1.  The LPL transition partner conducts a product mapping and gap analysis

2.  360 Financial and LPL transition teams go through a discovery process to identify goals and pre-conversion checklist for the transition

3. Recommendations are made based on reviews of data and technology

4.  Our joint team has deep experience with transitions. They know what to look for and have tips and tricks for navigating common challenges

5.  After completing the above steps, we verify that all greenlight checklist items have been completed before implementing the transition

LPL Transition: Execution

Motivated transfers can happen in as quickly as 30 days, but we typically see transfers 90% complete in 30-45 days.

360 Timeline:

*Statistics based on Flemming Investment Group transfer to 360 Financial in 2022.

"One of the things 360 Financial did exceptionally well is attention to detail before, during and after the transition experience. Nothing was left to chance at any time and that made the entire process simple and enjoyable."

- Michele Meier, CFP®, Client Service Manager, Wayzata, MN

Find Out More about Succession Planning:

It’s you and your life. Are you ready for help?

It’s your life’s work. Let us help you make a customized plan to protect and transition it. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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